Meet our Staff!!
We like to think relationships right up front ! We want you to get to know us. We are like you, we have a story and like to think that we will earn your trust and respect to be offered the chance to design, build and create signage to help you build your business.

Aaron McDonald

Owner / Designer / Creator

Who?  To incorporate my knowledge and skills in perfecting signage
Likes:  Helping and advising customers with signage requirements. Innovative and co-operative staff. My obedient dog
Dislikes:  Rude and obnoxious persons
Wish List:  More time spent with my beautiful wife

Mell McDonald

Owner / Office Manager extraordinaire

Who?  Manage an efficient business with my family
Likes:  Likes time off with kids, Running a smooth and efficient office
Dislikes:  Clutter
Wish List:  More time spent with my family and more holidays

The Fabricator


Who? You envisage a sign and I create it
Likes: Weekends off and a good game of golf
Dislikes: Messy work areas
Wish List:  More time to play golf

The Welder


Who?  Welder, assembler, repairer - all time fixer
Likes:  Beer and footy … and my Mum
Dislikes:  Indecision
Wish List:  V8 Ute



Who?  Minder and good girl, as I let Aaron think he is the boss
Likes:  Listening obediently to my master
Dislikes:  No, No and No
Wish List:  A boy one of me