Illuminated Signage

McDonald Signs specialises in the design, creation and installation of all forms of illuminated signage. Providing a comprehensive range of illuminated signage solutions via neon – fluorescent – clearlight or lightboxes. Whether your request is for a simple under-awning sign or individual illuminated letters and logo this type of signage, more than any other, reflects directly on corporate identity providing a crucial element in the overall architectural image of a building / factory / retail centre / hospital etc.

Neon and illuminated signage function very effectively during daylight but draw special attention at night when other signage cannot be seen. McDonald Signs illuminated light box signage is ideal for retail applications installed onto your building fascia. They can include moving message signs, externally illuminated signage and neon signs to name a few.


  • Illuminated Sign cabinets – give your business that extra touch with attractive, easy to use slimline poster frames. Available in many sizes and styles.
  • Acrylic letters and panelslaser cut out acrylic letters set in MDF panel, back lit with low profile LED’s is only 32mm deep and can be custom designed to suit your needs.
  • LED – with little maintenance and low energy consumption, LED illumination is the perfect choice
  • LED moving message board – ideal for outdoor use and in a variety of colours these epoxy sealed message boards can be single or double sided full matrix LED
  • Neon – provide eye catching signage with maximum impact day and night. If maintained correctly neon will outlive most signage.
  • Fluorescent – traditional, long lasting and cost effective
  • 3 dimensional – perfect choice for signage that needs to be seen from a distance. 3D LED signage is lightweight in construction, low energy consumption and little need for maintenance.
  • Router- laser cut – McDonald Signs offer several options in manufacturing your laser requirements such as painted foam letters, plastic and metal faced letters, 3D logos and letters, photo carving and custom carved signs.